manuel [ man ] pérez is a
creative agent -
design, implementation and marketing


design, implementation & marketing


manuel perez

manuel [man] pérez

A creative director AND a logistical thinker all in
one rare package.

Over 15 years of marketing experience book-ended
with a strong attention to detail gained from varied experiences of art direction & design, to sales support to a first-hand entrepreneurial mindset to the leadership obtained from the front lines of national event management.


Art Director
Environmental Graphics Specialist
Rebranding Consultant

:: Member of AIGA
The professional association for design
:: Member of various non-profit Advisory Boards & Committees
:: Active leader in the B.S.A

Manuel truly cared about the sucess of our showroom business.
To him it wasn't about making a short term advertisment for an upcoming event, but rather about finding the right solution to help ensure our long term sucess. FRAN WILSON • CAPEL INC.


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